Inspired by a new concept and showcased under one roof, the Latvian design and lifestyle barn RIIJA is a boutique store in the heart of Riga offering an eclectic range of products by Latvian designers ranging from refined washed linen bed linen, towels and freestyle clothing to original furniture, tableware and lighting fixtures. Designed and made by local designers, these wares, which epitomise design principles rooted in a fusion of traditional Latvian craftsmanship with a contemporary world view, are ITEMS whose charm will define the personality and aura of your home.
RIIJA’S natural and ecologically balanced products infuse the home of any city dweller with the modern breath of living nature, whereas in the home of a rural householder these ITEMS embody the traits of innovative design that are so relevant today. For visitors to Riga, a visit to RIIJA is an opportunity to discover products crafted by Latvian designers which are elegant examples of the local lifestyle and will leave you yearning to take them home as authentic gems unique to Latvia.


The RIIJA brand’s exclusive collections are characterised by high quality materials, laconic design and functionality. They precisely mirror the brand concept and principles according to which RIIJA tailors the rest of its store offering in collaboration with the best craftsmen and designers.



The collection is made of soft linen fabric whose silky touch you yearn to feel again and again. It transpires that linen can also be as fine as silk. The SILKY collection offers freestyle clothing, bed linen and towels. There’s no need to iron it and it won’t shrink after washing.



You will never tire of observing the tricks played by light and shadows on a ROUGH collection tablecloth. The ROUGH material is not merely soft and pleasant, it is also durable. It is a table textile that will give your home a natural and elegant mood, combining grey tones with brighter details.



Linen fabric handwoven on looms by skilled Latvian craftsmen, giving each fibre its own particular value. Table cloths you’d like to wrap up in, towels you’d like tie around your neck, and scarves, which can serve as curtains – these are true works of art.



This collection of interior items and bags is made from stiffened, impregnated linen fabric. Lightweight shopping bags with leather handles that add a touch of elegance to everyday life in the city. The latest FROZEN collection includes his and hers dusters made from this very same material.



The appeal of these glasses made in a glazier’s workshop lies in their imperfections. Their unevenness and slight distortions give these vessels character and uniqueness. Having been touched by the master’s hand and creative spirit, each glass is truly inimitable.



The designers represented in the RIIJA store have received awards honouring their creations from prestigious design fairs, while the craftsmen whose wares are on offer in the store have refined their skills to a fine art. Therefore, we offer you inspiring and quality products whose design is not only original, but also functional.

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