Согревающая игрушка — Мышка


Вес 0.44 kg

высота 35 cm


100% хлопок



Soft heatable toy, handmade, eco and kid friendly, hypoallergenic, also great for allergic or very sensitive children. Designed to ease the process of sleeping for little kids. Toys or dream delivery are used to build a naptime or bedtime routine for children from 1 to 7 years providing psychological comfort and helping them to fall asleep faster in more relaxed and secure atmosphere. They feel warm from the toy and associate it with mom`s and dad`s care and love.
The toy contains cherry pits pad which is removable and could be heated in microwave or oven and radiators. It keeps the warm up to 30 minutes. Ulece’s heatable toys also could be used when your child experience the night awakening and crying one or more times or refuses to go to sleep without a parent nearby.  Each time you heat the cherry pit pillow in the microwave or in the oven, it sterilizes the fabric. There is no need to regularly wash the heating pad. Good to know – in case of fever or trauma you can put cherry pit pillow in freezer and you have a convenient, comfortable cold pack.

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