Маленькая согревающая игрушка-Звезда


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высота 18 см


100% хлопок



Soft heatable toy, handmade, eco and kid friendly, hypoallergenic, also great for allergic or very sensitive children. Heatable toy is used to counteract bloating and relieve colic pain for babies (from 0 to 8 month) putting a warm pad on their stomach. Just a little heat helps soothe their aching tummy. The heat generates a rush of blood in the desired location that results to a reduction of muscle spasms in a baby’s tummy. It is safe, natural way to sooth your baby. The toy is filled with grape seeds and could be heated in a microwave, in oven and radiators. Great gift for christening/baptism, birthdays, Christmas.
The best companion for naptime or bedtime.

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