Вощённый мешочек для хранения


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вощеный хлопок


9,5 cm x 19.0 — 29.0 cm x 10,5 cm

Multi-purpose tote bag for your go-to activities!

There are only three steps that describe the MIZO crafted Tiny item tote bag the best: Roll down. Store it in. Use it again. Simple as that. It is a go-to bag for many, many customers. The bag has been appreciated as a design object as well.

Imagine your picnic in the park. All your friends have prepared some snacks. Some of them have packed them in a plastic wrapper, some of them have used more sustainable materials. Then you take your waxed canvas tote bag out, and all of your friends are impressed by your way of thinking. Bag for packing snacks or using as a pouch for daily carry, how cautious and sustainable. Way to go!

MIZO Tiny Item Tote is crafted from 15 oz heavyweight waxed canvas fabric. It’s manufactured in beautiful Scotland. Our entire range of products are unisex and made with care and attention to details.

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